FIBBOSS offers everyone who is a member a social space where they can chat and exchange ideas.
Our community guidelines are to explain what is and isn't allowed on FIBBOSS and to ensure everyone has a good experience. If you come across any message, content or post that you think violates these rules, please let us know. As a result of the notifications made by our users and the detections to be made by FIBBOSS, a series of sanctions and precautions including warning the user who violates the rule, removing the relevant content or accounts that share this content will be implemented by FIBBOSS to prevent rule violations.
“By accessing this website, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions regarding both this site and any content or material on this site.”

Community Guidelines
1.FIBBOSS does not provide investment consultancy or financial consultancy service to its users. In this context, even if it is advisory, it is forbidden for users to share content that may fall within the scope of investment consultancy, financial consultancy and content that may lead to speculation. If it is detected that such posts have been made by the user, sanctions and precautions deems necessary, including the removal of accounts, may be implemented by FIBBOSS, and notices and denunciations will be made to the relevant judicial and administrative authorities if it deems necessary.
2. FIBBOSS users are required to use their real name or identity. Entries with a cognomen, nickname or other person's real name and identity information are not accepted by FIBBOSS.
3. The use of FIBBOSS is only for individuals over the age of 18. (If the minimum age stipulated by the laws of the country you are in is over 18, the age limit applied in your country will be valid.)
4. Users are obliged to be respectful to each other.
5. You may not organize for the purpose of harassing others, you may not participate in harassing others, or encourage harassing others. Constant, repetitive and severe negative comments can cause harassment and this is not accepted by FIBBOSS.
6. You cannot engage in hate speech, coordinate or organize around hate speech. Attacking a person or community on the basis of their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief or disability is unacceptable at FIBBOSS.
7. You can not threat someone with violence or threat to harm others. This rule includes sharing or threatening to share someone's private personal information, including indirect threats.
8. Terrorism and violent behavior and the support given to this behavior threaten the physical safety and health of the person or group to whom the violence is directed. Therefore, you may not engage in or support acts of terrorism or violent extremism.
9. You may not send unsolicited, repetitive messages, especially after explicitly stated. You may not attempt to conceal your identity in order to communicate with anyone or bypass our tools that allow users to protect themselves.
10. If it deems neccessary sanctions and precautions will be implemented including the removal of accounts against users who, disclose personal information of other users in violation of the User Agreement, use someone else’s poersonal data or assist someone to use someone else’s personal data, engage in behaviors such as threats and harassment, constantly disturb other users with these behaviors and provoke others to incite people to violence.
11. FIBBOSS does not approve of users sharing their personal and private information, in accordance with community rules, for their own safety. FIBBOSS is not responsible for the aggrievement that users will experience as a result of sharing their personal and private information.
12. It is forbidden to share information that contains false information or that may mislead people and cause harm, including minors, by manipulative arrangements on the information content.
13. You may not send viruses or malware to others, nor attempt hacking.
14. You may not sexualize individuals, in any way, including minors. This rule includes the sharing of content or links that portray minors in a pornographic, obscene or violent manner, and illustrated or digitally altered pornography depicting minors.
15. Sharing of obscene content in FIBBOSS is prohibited, FIBBOSS reserves the right to implement sanctions in case of sharing these contents. You may not share or encourage the sharing of private images of someone without their consent for any reason, including for the purpose of embarrassing or humiliating someone. In case of detection of this situation, it will be possible to notice the judicial authorities and law enforcement officers.
16. You may not post content that glorifies or promotes suicide or self-harm, including encouraging others to physically harm themselves or to adopt eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.
17. You may not post images of sadistic brutality or animal cruelty.
18. You may not post anything that sells or facilitates the sale of prohibited or potentially dangerous goods. This includes firearms, ammunition, drugs and controlled substances.
19. You may not promote, distribute or access content that involves hacking, improper licensing or distribution of pirated software or stolen accounts.
20. In general, it is prohibited to encourage or engage in any illegal action or behavior. Precautions and sanctions will be implemented by FIBBOSS against users who engage in such behavior if it deems neccessary, and users who encourage illegal attitudes, behaviors and actions or users who engage in such behavior will be reported to the judicial authorities and law enforcement authorities if it deems necessary.
21. FIBBOSS, reserves the right not to publish content and comment that disparaging, derogatory, provoking hatred against individuals or certain groups, violent, incites hatred against people's religious belief, political opinion, race, ethnicity, age, social status, sexual orientation, physical condition and including the items separately described above.
22. The FIBBOSS user account cannot be transferred, sold, made accessible to others or authorized for someone to use the account. FIBBOSS reserves the right to issue warnings, restrictions, temporary and indefinite removals and similar sanctions on related accounts in case of detection of the described situations.
23. The use of bots and third party software to access Fibboss is prohibited.
24. Any commercial or copyrighted messages, contents and shares are prohibited.
25. You may not use FIBBOSS's trademark, logo, name or any image or slogan identifying FIBBOSS in a way that causes confusion to users and non-users.
26. You may not spam Fibboss, especially our customer support and security teams. Making false and malicious reports, sending more than one report about the same problem or asking a group of users to report the same content may result in sanctions and precautions on your account such as warnings, restrictions, temporary or indefinite removal of your account.