FIBBOSS is a full-fledged platform formed by a large group of educators, traders, investors, and fundamental analysts specializing in various branches of the Cryptocurrency economy.
There is a comprehensive education program where you can learn Elliott Wave Theory down to the last detail.
You are in safe hands with Sarper Önder (@sarper_onder) and his team, who have been actively trading with Elliott Wave Theory for 20 years.
You can find the details about the fees from the Packages link.
You can reach us at
Our education consists of 33 subjects and each subject lasts an average of 40 minutes.
You can leave us when you feel ready. However, if you say that you intend to continue with this community on this platform, you can choose the most suitable package for you apart from the education packages and continue to benefit from the profits of the system.
No, we don't. A professional trader should have an action plan ready for every possible situation. In cases where volatility is high and sharp price movements are observed, the presence of pre-placed stop orders will be reassuring enough to avoid being caught in reverse trading positions.
The “Fiskos (chat room)” room of our school has been designed as a socializing space. In this section, you can express your ideas about any coin or request support if needed.
Livestreams are recorded and the YouTube link is published in the relevant room for those who want to watch them later.
Elliott Wave Theory can be used in any market including BIST, Nasdaq, S&P 500, Forex, Gold and Commodities. The price movement of any tradeable meta can be analyzed within the framework of the Elliott Wave Principle.
Unfortunately we do not. We only have cryptocurrency option for payments.
For payments, you can send USDT over the TRC20 network.
The annual education fee is $300. In addition, there is a 3-month Fibpot gift for those who buy the annual package.
You can see other package options at Packages link.
Unfortunately, we do not have a refund option.